How do I copy a Formula in Excel

How do I copy a Formula in Excel

As a Virtual PA, I get asked for advice on how to use or do a simple function within a Microsoft package, today I have been asked how do I copy a formula in excel.  For those of us who use the software all the time, it is almost second nature and can be difficult to explain.  Nevertheless, some people don’t use Microsoft packages daily and need a little more help.  Most Virtual PAs ask you to send the document to them so they can do the work for you.

Therefor, today I will be explaining how to copy a formula in excel from one cell to another.  Any experienced Virtual PA will be able to do this for you in about 15 seconds.  This would include opening the document, making the change, and then saving and returning the document to you.  This does not, however, teach you how to do the task yourself and can cause hours of distress and frustration. 

For this reason, myPA Virtual Services have decided that we are going to run a series of blog posts that will teach you how to do these tasks.  We hope that you will find the instructions easy to understand and increase your knowledge of Microsoft.



How do I copy a formula in Excel from one cell to another?

  1. Open the Excel Document and locate the cell with the formula. 

    A cell is an individual area on an excel sheet, a square, highlighted in the table below.  From this image below we have highlighted cell A1.  In an Excel document, you will have a Workbook, a Sheet, Columns, and Rows.  A cell is contained in a workbook, which is on a sheet that is located in one column and one row.
Excel Cells, what is a cell in excel
How do I copy a formula in excel
  • Select the cell you want to copy – A1 for example.
  • On your keyboard select CTRL button and C at the same time, see the image below.
How do I copy a formula in excel and how do I copy.

Alternatively, right click on your mouse and a new screen will appear.  From here select copy.  You have now copied the cell sum/information

How do I copy a formula in excel and I copy in excel
  • Move the cursor to the cell you wish to put the formula.
  • On your keyboard select CTRL button and V.

Alternatively, right click on your mouse and select Paste

How do I copy a formula in excel and how do I Paste.

You have now copied the sum/formula you wanted.

Excel Thesaurus

  • Workbook        The whole excel document
  • A Sheet           Within the document you can have some sheets.  Look at the bottom left of your workbook; you will see the word Sheet1.  This is your first sheet.  To add a new Sheet select the + button to the right.
How do I copy a formula in excel and what is a sheet in excel
  • A column         A column is the vertical lines in the workbook and are annotated with Letters.
How do I copy a formula in excel and what is a column in excel
  • A Row             A row is the horizontal lines in the workbook and are annotated with numbers.
How do I copy a formula in excel and what is a row in excel
Why would a business use a Virtual PA

Why would a business use a Virtual PA

This must be the most common question any Virtual PA will be asked. Why would a business use a Virtual PA? The most common reasons a client will be looking for a Virtual PA to work with them are:

Non-Core Business Needs. Small business owners want to concentrate on the core of their business. For example, a freelance surveyor will want to be carrying out surveys and meeting potential new clients. To have somebody to take on the more day-to-day aspects of their business, or areas which they are not experienced in. This allows them the time to concentrate on what they do best.

Resources. A small business does not have the need or resources for a permanent administrator or secretary. Therefore using a VA enables them to employ someone on an ad hoc or project basis. Some Virtual PAs are employed for a set number of hours per month to cover regular tasks.

Skill-based There may be an ad hoc requirement for a specialised service such as creating a CRM system, and your client does not have the skill or resource within their business to complete the project.

Convenience and Time-Saving Having a service which is accessible within a short timescale, and often performed by somebody who you already know (and who already knows your business) is extremely convenient and saves a client the time of having to source and train a part-time, temporary, or even casual employee. It also saves on the associated red tape which comes with recruiting somebody to join a business. These benefits should not be underestimated.

Not Wanting to do the Task Themselves Sometimes people have a real aversion to certain types of work. If you have a client who hates administrative tasks such as letter merges, postal campaigns and so on, then you need to let them know how easy it would be for you to do it all on their behalf. If it gets them out of a task they hate and frees up their time to do something they actually want to do, they will soon realise your value.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA

Not Spending Enough Time with their Family This is a common problem for small business owners, as businesses are time-consuming and many people are so passionate about what they do that their family time can get eroded away without them even realising it. Using a VA for certain tasks can alleviate some of the pressure and workload and enable clients to create more of a balance between these two important areas of their life.

Outsourcing is Cost-Effective A VA is easier than recruiting a new member of staff and the client will not have to comply with employment law. They will not have to worry about sick pay, about holiday pay or cover. They will not have the worry of finding extra space in their office, buying extra computer equipment or licences. There will also be no need to provide for Pension cover or Healthcare costs.

Other Tasks Taking their Time Up.

Sometimes there simply is not enough time in the day to undertake the tasks a business needs to cover. In which case a VA is once more invaluable. Their services can be employed for specific aspects of a job. Alternatively, the VA could keep the day-to-day business going – in order for a client to complete an important project.


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A Virtual Office Address?

A Virtual Office Address?

A virtual office address is perfect for self-promotion of micro businesses. Legally you have to register your business with HMRC and Companies House. As a result, this is known as your registered address. However, your day to day post needs to delivered somewhere. A virtualVirtual Office Address address is ideal for businesses operating from their home. Additionally, a virtual office helps a business look and promote a larger corporate image without the high costs or renting or buying.


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