Document Formatting

Document Formatting

Its not just for books – how about those letters?

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Letters, Memos and Faxes

Have you ever received a Word document that contains dozens of font styles and sizes which makes it very difficult to read. Have you every copied a number of documents to make one big document and the document just looks messy and unreadable. There is a name for this, Snowflake Syndrome.


Don’t worry, let myPA help you. Send us a copy of your document, tell us how you want your document to look and we will reformat it and return it to you in a perfect format. We can even print your document out for you and send you a hard copy in the post.


Our Fees for Document Formatting

  • One page of A4 – £5.00
  • Two pages of A4 – £7 and £1 per page thereafter
  • Reports, Dissertation, Essays and books – price on request depending on the size of the document
  • Our hourly rate is £20.00 per hour


Do you have a document you need formatted?

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