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What is a Testimonial?

This is a tremendous question. My interpretation of a testimonial is a verbal, written or video recommendation of your services or products. The testimonial should be taken from your clients only after they have used your services or bought your products.

A testimonial should not come from family or friends, unless they have used your services or bought your products. At the same time, a testimonial should not be given from somebody who has never used your services or bought your products.

How can myPA Virtual Service assist you? myPA are executive assistants and virtual PAs. That means that we work for you, on your behalf, under your brand, but we work remotely (from our offices). As a result we can call or contact your clients and ask them for a testimonial.


We will as those difficult questions!

The type of questions we will ask are:

  • Are they pleased with the service/product provided by your company?
  • Would they use the company again?
  • Would they recommend your company to somebody else?

Or any other question you feel may be needed.


A Written Testimonial?

Joanne runs her own PR and Marketing company and was asked to undertake a rather large project of updating a database and ensuring the contact, telephone, business name and address were correct. The job took a few months and myPA were asked to help make some of the calls.


“I would like to thank myPA for all the hard work and dedication they have given me over the last few months. Telephone research is a thankless job and myPA conducted this task with a smile and positive attitude.” Joanne Eames, Empathy PR and Marketing.


What to do with a Testimonial

You can use your testimonials in a number of ways:

  • Improve the services you offer if necessary
  • Use the feedback as training material for your staff
  • Use on your marketing material
  • Use on your websiteUse on the bottom of each email
  • Use at the bottom of any quotation you send out

Testimonials need to be succinct and to the point. A verbose and false testimonial could cause damage to your business, more than not having testimonials.


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