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Business Address in Oxfordshire

A Business Postal Address

A postal address / business address, commonly know as a Virtual Office address is an important tool in any business. Although a lot our communication can come from emails and the internet a business postal address could enhance the appearance of your company. A virtual office will give your clients the confidence that you are an established business with a corporate image. It is a legal requirement to have a business registered address.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to have a business office and would prefer to work from home then a Postal Address / Business Address service could be the answer, it’s your Virtual Office. Working from home has many advantages. You don’t have a long commute to work, you don’t have to dress for work or wait for the Gasman to turn up without worrying about having to take time off work.

There is, however, a downside, working from home means that all your customers, suppliers and cold callers know your personal address. It could be seen that working from home makes your business look like a lifestyle business (although there is nothing wrong with that).

A Business Postal Address
Take advantage of our Virtual Office Address Service.  A small monthly fee will ensure your company has a Business Address or you have a UK address to have your mail redirected/sent to.

The Advantages to you

  • A commercial property address with mail forwarding
  • Mail forwarded to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
    Registered office hosting
  • Preferred rates on office support & services – Such as secretarial services, typing, photocopying and binding
  • Bookable conference facilities – Fully equipped conference room, with projector, video, DVD, refreshments

The Armed Forces

Alternatively, you may live overseas (in the Armed Forces or as an expat) and need a postal address in the UK to receive and action your mail. Having a virtual office address could be the perfect solution and you will remain in control of your life.


Option One (1)

Only £30.00 per month.

  • We will take delivery of your post,
  • Open it (if requested)
  • Data stamp
  • Scan the item to you.

Option Two (2)

Only £99.00 per month which includes two hours of Virtual PA support.

  • We will take delivery of your post,
  • Open it (if requested)
  • Data stamp
  • Scan the item to you

Option Three (3)

For Business Addresses, £150.00 we can take up to three business names within this fixed monthly fee, paid in advance). Your two hours of Admin Support can encompass one or all off the following services depending on the time frame of each service.

  • Shredding of sensitive post
  • Delivery of Mail (Up to 20 miles from our office)
  • Typing replies to your letters
  • Emailing replies to your letters
  • Sorting some administrative issues for example Insurance quotes
  • Concierge Services
  • Document Reviews


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