Are you costing your Business Money?

Work you your hourly rate and then calculate how long you spend on your administration? Are you short-changing your business?


Should you be out selling, providing the service or stuck in the office doing paperwork?



Why Should I use a myPA Virtual PA?

A Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant is very similar to employing an office manager or PA in your business except they are not physically in your office. An experienced Virtual PA is a skilled and competent administrative assistant, secretarial.

What's in it for me!

Hiring a Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution for administrative support without the worry of employment law and regulations.  Our highly experienced Virtual PA and Virtual Assistants offer a arrange of secretarial and administrative support that can be hired on an hourly, daily, weekly or project basis, which is the beauty of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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Julie our founder states:

'Outsourcing business services can be controversial, especially if you have built your own business from the ground up.  After all, it's your business. You know it inside out and giving up responsibility is hard. You know your clients and their needs and you know the needs of your business - so how can a stranger come in and help your business expand to the next level? How can outsourcing your admin tasks to someone else help you?

You know your clients requirements. How they like to have your service or product delivered to them. You know there wants, there needs and fears so how could some stranger help you? We have spent the last 11 years helping our clients and know we can help your business'.


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Julie C Farmer Author and trainer