Julie Farmer

Administrative Services Manager and Provider

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Julie! the owner and creator of myPA Virtual Services the administrative services agency.

Administrative Services

For any organisation to run smoothly and be productive, there has to be process in place.  An administrative services manager is the person who makes sure this happens.

An administrative manager can coordinate mail distribution, plan and maintain your business facilities, keep records, plan budgets, and allocate supplies and create or redesign internal procedures.

As an administrative services manager, we specialise in making your business life easy.  This can be from ensuring your office runs smoothly, or your business grounds are clean and tidy.  We will endeavour to make sure your utilities, equipment and supplies, are cost-effective. 

We are in effect, your additional right hand! 

My Values & Beliefs

Every Business Is Important

Every business and business person is important, and deserves the best services providers.  It is my job to make sure you are important, and your clients value your service.

We work for you

Working on your behalf means we are par to your team.  Your clients will never know that you have employed us to take care of your administrative tasks.

We are cost effective

Our fees may seem high, but we can work faster on administrative tasks, which ultimately works out cheaper.  Just think of your hourly rate and then our??

My Approach

Like many businesses, I like the personal touch.  I like the fact that many small businesses can adapt, can be innovate and think outside the preverbal box, which is what I do.

No task is ever too big, too small or tedious.  An administrative task is a task that needs to be done, from printing your book to creating CVs and writing company procedures.  

Every business is individual, and at the same time, every business is similar.  Together we can make a fantastic team make your business fly.  It’s all about teamwork and communication.