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Why spend your time administrating your manuscript when you should be writing and creating. Then of course there is the marketing and publication. How do you get your book onto Amazon, create a website and start a social media campaign. Let a Virtual PA help you with all of these tasks.  We can make it easy for you.




Secretarial Support

Secretarial and administrative support can be a vital service for small businesses and individuals.  There are times when ‘life’ just gets in the way and you need that extra help. Your own Virtual PA will give you that support.



Index cards

Transcription Services, Typing Services and Digital Dictation

Typing has certainly taken the place of pen and paper since the 1980. There are very few, in any offices that send out hand written letters, reports or memos.



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What is a Testimonials

This is a tremendous question. My interpretation of a testimonial is a verbal, written or video recommendation of your services or products. The testimonial should be taken from your clients only after they have used your services or bought your products.




Document Formatting 

A document is just a piece of paper with a lot of words, numbers or images on. To make that piece of paper look fantastic and a document someone would like to read it needs to look good, read well and invite the reader to take part in the meaning of the words. This is where a Virtual PA can turn your piece of paper into a valuable document.





Binding and Report Formatting 

If you have a report, dissertation or important piece of work that needs to be presented beautifully then don’t leave it to chance, let myPA help.  Together we can make it look beautiful!




Business Address in Oxfordshire

Virtual Office Address 

Working from home can be fantastic but your home is your home. As a result business post going to your home address maybe something you would like to avoid.  If so why not use our business address?




Are we missing the service you need? 

It is difficult to note all the services we do, as there are so many individual tasks that we lump together as admin.  If there is a task we are missing them please give us a call to see if we can help you.




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