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15 Second Training

As a Virtual PA, I get asked for advice on how to use or do a simple function within a Microsoft package.  For those of us who use the software all the time, it is almost second nature and can be difficult to explain.  Nevertheless, some people don’t use Microsoft packages daily and need a little more help.  Most Virtual PAs ask you to send the document to them so they can do the work for you.

Today I was asked ‘How do I copy a formula in Excel2.  For any experienced Virtual PA this task would be a 15 seconds job.  This would include opening the document, making the change, and then saving and returning the document to you.  This does not, however, teach you how to do the task yourself and can cause hours of distress and frustration.

For this reason, myPA Virtual Services have decided that we are going to run a series of blog posts that will teach you how to do these tasks.  We hope that you will find the instructions easy to understand and increase your knowledge of Microsoft.

15 Second training Results

Align Text in Word

Align text in word documentMy Text won’t align in word. It’s driving me mad.  Just tell me how to fix it.


This is how you align text

Copy a formula in Excel

Help with planning your story using ExcelI want to copy a formula in excel from one cell to another.

This is how you copy a formula

Hi, I’m Julie Farmer, the owner and creator of myPA Virtual Services.

I like the fact that small businesses can adaptable and offer a personal touch to each client. We can be innovate and think outside the preverbal box.

No event is ever too big or too small that could not be in your memoirs. It is our job to make sure that happens to your satisfaction. We help by turning your manuscript into a printed book. We can also create a website and helping you sell your book.

Everyone is an individual, so each manuscript is dealt with individually.  It’s all about teamwork and communication, and together we could make a fantastic team.