From a handwritten manuscript to a formatted document and then a book.

Author Les Thompson's book Opposites
Les Thompson Opposites

Thank you so much for taking my handwritten story and typing it up so beautifully. Then creating my first published book.  I can’t tell you how excited I am and my family are so proud of me. I love the cover design and I would have never been able to get my book on Amazon without your help.

You have inspired me to write more stories and I will certainly use your transcription services again, although you do go above and beyond what you say. You have made an old man very happy.

Les, it has been a pleasure.  I look forward to reading more of your stories and we will always be here if you need any of our typing services.

If you would like to read Mr Thompson’s book, it can be purchased on Amazon from this link.

Our Typing Services and Transcription Services for Authors offers a complete production service

Audio Typing and Copy Typing

Typing services for authors is a fantastic service if you are spending time typing or reformatting your manuscript instead of creating and planning your plots lines.  We offer typing services for authors where we ensure that your stories are told, you get your manuscript to the publisher or if you are self-publishing, help you get your book printed. If you are a blog publisher and have a number of articles that need to be produced for your blog we are here to help.

myPA Virtual Services are able to help you turn those thoughts and stories into a printable document that you can send to your publishers or print in your blog.

Our Audio Typing Service offers our Authors the opportunity to record their stories and then have a formatted document returned, for edit.

Audio Typing Services

Record your stories, characters history, outline or blog posts onto a digital recorder, send the recording to us at and we will transcribe your narrative. You will receive a word document with your spoken words in full. You then have the time to read, edit and re-arrange. Any change can then be sent to us and we will make the amendments and return the manuscript to you. In no time at all, you will have your wonderful book.

Our typing services for authors also works for ‘blog post’ and white papers.


Manuscripts must follow a specific format and we are here to help you. The magazine Writers Forum stated that almost 50% of all competition entries are discarded immediately due to the author not reading the guidelines for formatting. Don’t let your story fail before it has even started.

myPA’s Virtual Assistants can format your document quickly and efficiently.

Setting up a business


Once you have your story and are happy with the end product you need to get it printed in a book that you can read and feel.  We can help with that.  We can get your book published, put it on Amazon and turn it into a Kindle version so that you can start to make money from your book.

Our Fees for Audio Typing and Copy Typing Services

  • One Person Speaking – Audio Typing costs as little as £1 per minute for a 24 hour turn round.
  • 4 hour service (received before 12 pm) £1.50 per audio minute (agreed in advance)
  • Interviews – One to one interview £1 per Audio Minute
  • Interviews – Three to four people interview £1.25 per Audio Minute
  • Copy Typing – £8 per 1000 words for printed text and £10 per 1000 words for handwritten work.  Typing that includes tables or needs extra formatting will be charged at £20.00 per hour.
  • Taking a written manuscript to a completed book – price on request

A poem dedicated to myPA Virtual Services from one of our Authors – Thank you, Arthur

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