You want to write your Memoirs!

You want to write your Memoirs!

Writing your memoirs is so personal and cathartic.  You can resolve issues in your head that you didn’t realise were still causing you pain.  Alternatively, you may find that you remember events long since forgotten. 

Your memoirs represent you.  They are a testament to the life you have led, the dreams you have accomplished or the goals you have set yourself that you will accomplish by the time you retire, or pass the baton on to the next generation. 

There are some very loose rules that you should abide by, and these are:

  • Only discuss the events you want people to know about.
  • Be honest about the events that took place, it is perfectly acceptable to write from your point of view
  • Be mindful of the reader and what they will get out of reading your memoirs
  • Decide on the format of the memoirs.  Will you create a book or an audio book?  
  • Think of the length of your memoirs.  You may not want to write War and Peace, but we all have a story to tell.
  • Will your memoirs be funny or serious?
  • Will you make a passive income from your memoirs?  For example, giving talks at schools, clubs and on the TV/Radio.  Will you sell your memoirs online?
  • Are your memoirs for family and friends only?
  • Do you want to include photographs, if so, make sure you have the authorisation to use the photographs, especially if other people are in the photograph?
  • Do you have the support of your family members?  This can make writing your memoirs so much easier. 
Did you start a business with nothing and want to write about how you succeeded?

Before you write your Memoirs

Before you write your memoirs, create a plan of what you want to include.  Are you a business owner and want to discuss how you created your business from nothing and sold it for thousands?  Are you a homemaker and loved every aspect of making a home for your family?  Did you travel around the world and met some interesting people that had a profound effect on your life? 

We all thrive on stories. What is yours?

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