Working from home to create Basic Websites

Working from home to create Basic Websites

Are you good with computers and Basic Websites?

Have you created basic websites for yourself that you are so proud of? If so, you could offer this service to other people who are looking for a basic website. This includes purchasing a domain name, web space, and the collecting information to include on the website.

You will also need to know if your client is prepared to pay for the website content and/or professional design. It will also be useful to know if your client is going to add content to their website themselves or ask you to update the website.

Creating simple or complex websites are perfect for home workers.

Suggested Skill Requirements

  • Computer literate. You will need to know how to use a computer and some online packages, for example, WordPress, 1and1, Go Daddy or any other website provider or host.
  • Basic knowledge of website setup and design processes will be vital.
  • Have an understanding of HTML, javascript, can be an advantage but will depend on the detail your client requires of their website.
  • Know which websites are free to set up and which are not and deciding which website will suit your client. It could be that you buy in a template and help to populate the website. This would be very useful if they have an e-commerce site and uploading products can be very time-consuming and costly.
  • Listening skills to understand your client’s requirements and how much the website means to the business. If the website is going to be selling their products, then it needs to represent their branding, their ethics and ease of use.
  • Project Management. Creating a website can be a lengthy process so knowing the time scales. Understand and explain the iterations and content timelines to your client.
  • Analytical and logical thinking. There are times when your knowledge on the design and function of a website will be greater than your clients, so you will need to suggest options, plugins or design features. You will also need to understand that a website is a logical piece of equipment that follows a strict set of rules. Taking your client through this process will be important and getting them to understand the limitations of a website will be useful.
  • The ability to envision business situations. You will need to look at a business as it is today and see where the business will be in 3, 4, or 5 years. Then ensure the website is able to grow with the business. Remember most websites have a 3-year life span. After three years, the website may need to be redesigned, rebuilt or modernised. Keeping your client happy will be vital to this process.
  • Intellectual Creativity. Creating a website means that you are using your creative skills. The ownership and updating of the website will be something that will need to be discussed quite quickly with your client. Remember if you make it difficult for your client to work on their website or with you, they will walk.

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