Writing can be about fulfilling a dream

Writing can be about fulfilling a dream

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I use to dream of being a Writer!
I would love to write but don’t have the time!
I don’t know where to start, but I have a story!

Questions and statements I often hear from people who would like to become an author, a writer, or publish their memoirs or family memoirs. I can sympathise. When I started writing my books and publishing my author’s books, it was a piece of common ground.

I had a fantastic tip form a young writer who was starting a career as a journalist, short and to the point.

“Just do it, don’t sit there thinking you will write war and peace. Stop making excuses and sit in front of the computer and write.”

Writing is about following your dreams. If you dream of writing a book, then do it.

Thanks Jack, that is what I did and what I tell my authors to do. In fiction, the story might take a few twists and turns you hadn’t planned on! Characters may quit their jobs or act unexpectedly, so remember the first draft of your manuscript will never be the same as the book that gets published.

When writing your memoirs, things will always pop in your head. One story may remind you of another story. A comment from a friend or family member will often start the next chapter. Alternatively, a comment could help you remember a story long since forgotten that could be pivotal to the memoirs.

Stop procrastination, sit down with a fresh screen or piece of paper and put something down. Once you start you find that you won’t stop. Map out what you want to say. Remember the reader and the journey you want them to go on. When writing your memoirs think about how much information do you want to share?