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Poem written for us

We Publish Poems from our Authors and were delighted when Arthur Lester presented us with this poem about us.

Publish Pomes from Arthur Lester


myPA – Virtual PA

My heart felt like lead,

My spirits were low,

Looking out the window,

I saw people

walking, talking, shopping,

stopping to chat.

What about? Is it about Sophie?

If not, why not?

Why would they be talking,

walking, shopping, stopping.

When my Sophie’s not here anymore?

Why is that lorry turning by the traffic lights?

Why is that bus picking up passengers?

Where are they going? When my Sophie’s not here anymore?

Why, Why is the world carrying on doing normal things,

When my Sophie isn’t in the world anymore?

How dare they?!

Don’t they know that, when my Sophie left

this earthly plane to go to another one

part of me died.

One thing I’ll tell you. though,

Some wonderful people saved me!

Yes, saved my sanity, possibly my life!

The warm, lovely kind, sensitive voices

of Julie and Tina.

‘I’ve just seen your new book, Arthur,’

Julie said,

‘You’re going to love it.’

‘We love your stories.’

Tina said

‘We look forward to them,’

she added.

And: ’We were so sorry to hear about Sophie,’

They both said.

At a time when I needed to hear those words.

The happiest day of my life was the day

Sophie came to live with me.

The second happiest day was the day

I opened an envelope and took out my first copy of “Swallow’s Law.”

Thank you, Julie and Tina

For bringing me back to a world full of memories

where my heart doesn’t feel so heavy

and my spirits don’t drift so low.

Looking back, it was a wonderful, wonderful day.

The day I first contacted “myPA”

Thank you, Ladies.

Julie and Tina, Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant running the 5k for Cancer Research