Publishing Services

Publishing Your Book

First and foremost, we will type up your manuscript and return it to you for approval.  We are happy to receive your manuscript in any form, from a handwritten document, typed sheets or audio.  We will then check to make sure it is grammatically correct and that spelling mistakes are correct unless the spelling is the context with your character or manuscript.  We will also check syntax and punctuation and changed.  Always with the author’s permission.

Once we have formatted your manuscript we will return it to you for your final approval, asking that you initial each page to ensure you are happy with the content.

Once you are happy with your book, we will suggest or take on board your design ideas for the finished cover.  We will send you an A4 printed sheet of how your cover will look for approval.  Only on your say so, will we arrange for the first proof to be published.

On receipt of the first proof, you will be sent the copy for approval and only once you are happy with the ‘proof’ finished book, will we submit it to the printers for publishing.

At this point, we can discuss your books retail price, royalties and where you would like it promoted.

We can order as many or as few copies of your work as required, and as frequently as you like.

Cost of our Services

Our charges £21.50 per hour (charged in quarter blocks) for our typing services.

Fixed Fee

For only £900 to format, design a cover, get your book published and on Amazon and Kindle.  You will also receive 10 copies of your finished book.