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Being a Virtual PA is about gaining trust.
It’s about creating business relationships.
To that end, here is a little about me.

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My Values & Beliefs

Our Services

We offer all administrative support and secretarial services.  You have a task, ask us as we will be able to help, or give you an honest answer on how or who can do the task.

Everyone is important

I genuinely believe that everybody is unique and we all have a remarkable history.  Every business owner deserves time to be with their family.  Every business owner needs time to work on their business.  Every Author needs help. 

We work for you

Working together, we can ensure your business tasks are completed on time and efficiently.  

We are cost effective

Our fees are structured in away that makes hiring a Virtual Administrative Officer is cost effective and could ultimately provide you with a massive boost in your income.

Our Passion

Our passion is ensuring you and your business is successful. The simple premises is, that if you are successful using our services, then we will be successful.  It’s all about team work.

Ttogether we will find a way to work to suit your needs and our needs. We are approachable, flexible, and adaptable.


Hi, I’m Julie Farmer, the owner and creator of myPA Virtual Services.

I like the fact that small businesses can adaptable and offer a personal touch to each client. We can be innovate and think outside the preverbal box.

No event is ever too big or too small that could not be in your memoirs. It is our job to make sure that happens to your satisfaction. We help by turning your manuscript into a printed book. We can also create a website and helping you sell your book.

Everyone is an individual, so each manuscript is dealt with individually.  It’s all about teamwork and communication, and together we could make a fantastic team.