Posted on: 20 Aug, 2020

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I want my book publised.

I need help with Microsoft, How do IDo you have a manuscript that you would like turned into a book.  If so, you should contact us to find out how.


Text to Align in Word

Text to Align in Word

Julie, it’s driving me mad, my text won’t align in word. I don’t want to watch hours of video, just tell me how to fix it. I am busy and don’t want a lecture.

Free for 10 minutes? Don’t scroll, start a sudoku!

In the current digital world, it is virtually impossible to avoid screens. Computers, phones, tablets, iPads, all are vital for communication at work and leisure time. Indeed, we use them in both our professional and personal lives. As such, we often end the day with...

Use Lockdown to your advantage…learn a language!

With many of us now spending more and more time at home, there are lots of ways in which we can be productive. To-do lists, workout videos, cleaning and cooking are all practical, necessary tasks we complete at home, but also a way of making us feel more accomplished...

You want to write your Memoirs!

You want to write your Memoirs!

Writing your memoirs is so personal and cathartic. You can resolve issues in your head that you didn’t realise were still causing you pain. Alternatively, you may find that you remember events long since forgotten.