Have you been asked to write a Testimonial for a Business?

Posted on: 8 Jan, 2018

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Have you been asked to write a Testimonial for a Business?
Business Testimoinal

Have you been asked to write a business testimonial for a product or a service you recently received? Testimonials for a Business are a big deal. It is true that we all buy products or services from people we like and know. However, what about those people that you don’t know but you still want their product or service? You only have to look at www.amazon.co.uk or www.tripadvisor.com to see how important a review is. A Business testimonial is exactly the same, it is a review of the product or service. It should be written in your own words and without any pressure on you. So please, don’t panic.

The Virtual PA’s at myPA Virtual Services sat down one afternoon and came up with this helpful list to help you. We hope that you agree that there is some great advice here for you to follow.  You will be done in no time.

Write a Business Testimonial

Been asked to write a business testimonial

How to write a business testimonial

First things first, a testimonial does not have to be an essay.  Businesses want your opinion only. They want to hear from you. They want to know that you enjoyed their product or service. Additionally, they want to know if they can improve their customer service. Improve their delivery or any other aspect of their business. Ask yourself, how often have you ever read a review that is longer than a paragraph? A few short sentences will be more than enough.

Secondly, the business may want to use your testimonial in their marketing material to show other customers how good they are. Remember a great testimonial for a business is fantastic advertising for them. The best kind of testimonial is generally word of mouth or recommendation. However, with more avenues to market, more businesses are asking customers to write a business testimonial.

Businesses tend to post testimonials to a variety of places:

  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Written Material
  • Quotes being sent to potential new customers
  • Bottom of emails
  • Bottom of Invoices

How to Write a Business Testimonial

You could start your testimonial with who you are and what the product or service you purchased. Then explain how the product or service helped you.

Some examples of what you could write about in your testimonial are:

  • Talk about the quality of the product or service
  • State how much you enjoy working with them
  • Describe the benefits of their product or service
  • State what you like best about their product/service
  • Describe why you do business with them instead of their competitors
  • State how long you have known or worked with the company

You should always end your testimonial with whom and why you would recommend that service to someone else. This will not only reassure their prospect customers but it shows that you are a genuine person.  You have the interests of others in mind which will, in turn, make you and your testimonial look credible and helpful.

In conclusion, when you write a business testimonial, be honest, be short and to the point.

For example

Julie, thank you so much for typing the new manuscript to my book. Although I felt silly dictating it into the Audio Device, it makes the process so much easier and the transcripts you sent were perfect for editing. I have recommended to the other Authors I know and I am sure they will be contacting you soon.  Once again thank you. Tilly Abby.

Good luck when writing a business testimonials and don’t be afraid, just put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

For more information on Testimonials please contact Julie on 01367 246003 or email on info@mypavirtualservices.com