Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA

Posted on: 25 Oct, 2016

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Benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA
Using a Virtual PA in Oxford

Using a Virtual Assistant in Poole

I know there are at least three significant advantages of working with a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA. (Not taking into account the many smaller benefits).  I know that this is correct from the feedback I have had over the years from my clients.  They have:

  • Grow their businesses
  • Taken holidays
  • Re-balanced their lives

myPA have been Virtual Assistants and Virtual PAs since 2005 so we have had a lot of feedback


Small Business owners are fantastic people.  They are masters of everything they do in their business.  They have the ability to juggle many different tasks. They are planning the future of their business, they are planning the day to day management of the business and planning their lives in conjunction with their business.



Virtual Assistant in Oxford

However, over time the juggling act can get a little tiring and sometimes one or two of the balls may fall. This is not the business owners fault, it is just that they have so much going on in their lives that one or two things can get forgotten. This is when a few issues can creep into the business.  This could be an upset client or miss a deadline. The owner of the business then has to spend some of their valuable time correcting this error.  However, there is an answer, and this is where a Virtual Assistant could come in and help.


A Virtual Assistant is someone who works with a small business owner to help them run their business and has acountabliltiy and passion for the business to be a success. A VA will help the owner get on top of the jugging and pick up any balls that may have fallen.


The Benefits of working with a VA


Firstly the benefit of saving you time is the most important.  Time is precious to us all, as we know, and a Virtual Assistant gives you back more of the time you would usually use doing general tasks; allowing you to focus on the things that you do best, such as see more clients and generate more business.


Secondly, we can save you money while work on your behalf.  What is your hourly rate for example?  Can you afford to do every demanding task in your business?  When you pay for the time of a Virtual PA, that allows you to maximise each and every working hour spent on doing what you are most qualified to do.


By saving you time and money we can, by default make you money.  The return on your original investment can be enormous.  For example, by working for a few hours per MONTH for one client, they now have a few extra hours per WEEK to go and prospect for more customers.


Thirdly, we can reduce your workload as a whole.  If you have become so used to sitting at your desk, doing work you needn’t be working on, is that the best use of your time?  By making the decision to delegate out portions of your administrative tasks, you can concentrate on the larger picture.


“Virtual Assistants are versatile, highly skilled and always happy to help you in your business”.

Finally but most importantly; we make your life easier.  This allows you more time to re-invest in business or by spending more time with your family and doing the important things in life.  Life is not all about work.  By finding that ideal Virtual Assistant to help with the workload, your business and you will benefit.


A Virtual Assistant – In Conclusion will:

  • Save you time
  • Save you Money
  • Reduce your workload

To find out more about myPA and how a Virtual Assistant can help contact us on 01367 246003 or email us here.