A Virtual Office Address?

Posted on: 4 Dec, 2016

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A Virtual Office Address?

A virtual office address is perfect for self-promotion of micro businesses. Legally you have to register your business with HMRC and Companies House. As a result, this is known as your registered address. However, your day to day post needs to delivered somewhere. A virtualVirtual Office Address address is ideal for businesses operating from their home. Additionally, a virtual office helps a business look and promote a larger corporate image without the high costs or renting or buying.


Once a Virtual Office has been created; mail is automatically delivered to the new address. You then have a choice on how mail is actioned, you could have your mail sent to you by post (home address) or scanned by email. Furthermore, mail can be collected on a weekly or monthly basis.


An office location says a lot about your business. Subsequently, by aligning yourself with companies that reside in similar locations, you can affect the way your business is perceived. A virtual office address is useful for:

  • Home based business who’s owners don’t want to make their home address public.
  • Growing businesses seeking a more prestigious business location without high rental or purchase fees.
  • International businesses moving into the UK market.
  • Virtual Businesses who need a physical address.
  • Post opened and dealt with on a daily basis for busy companies

    A Virtual Office may also have a number of other facilities that you could utilise. For example, meeting rooms or a temporary working space.




    myPA’s Virtual office addresses are for anyone who wants a full UK registered office address for their business with mail handling services included. At the same time, by investing in a virtual office address, you will receive:


  • Mail handling. Next post is opened, scanned and forwarded to you. Making it ideal for international customers.
  • People who work or live overseas and need to have their UK correspondence actioned.
  • Members of the armed forces.
  • Students spending time overseas.

    All you need to do is pay a monthly fee, from as little as £30.00, and you can use the myPA Virtual address as your own business address. Consequently, your business has the gravitas it deserves with a prestigious address in Oxfordshire.




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    Meeting Room available with Virtual Office Address

    You would have a meeting room available for hire, at a very reasonable hourly rate and can provide refreshments as required.

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