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Posted on: 6 Sep, 2016

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I want my book publised.

I need help with Microsoft, How do IDo you have a manuscript that you would like turned into a book.  If so, you should contact us to find out how.

Typing Services
Audio Typing and Copy Typing

Typing Services is just one of the services that a Virtual PA can offer.  Typing services are often our service of the month, but even if it is not a service of the month, typing is fun. Hooray, I hear you say. I know, it’s exciting! Now, now, typing is interesting (well we think so). There are many different types of typing.  At myPA, we can offer all kinds of typing services.

Audio Typing

Audio Typing Services

Audio Typing

Audio Typing is probably the easiest typing service with the advancement of smartphones. All you need to do is select your App for voice messages and record the narrative.  Then email it to us. How simple is that?


There are also digital Dictaphones available on the market to buy, and they are also very easy to use and act in the same way. The only difference is that you may need to connect the device to a computer to email the narrative to us. We have a tool that we will put the recorded story in and then transcribe your spoken word into a printed document.


Copy Typing

Typing Services with copy typing

Handwritten work for Typing Services

Copy Typing is a little more complicated, and I know you would have thought it would be easier. However, with copy typing, you have to decipher someone’s handwriting and the crossing outs and insertions people make. I am sure you understand what I mean here.


We have also been known to use our typing services to retype documents that have been lost or mislead.



We can even type your words as you physically dictate them to us. We can do this in a variety of ways, over the telephone, using Skype or Facetime or in person. We will work with you to ensure which every way is most convenient to you and makes your life easier.



We could also undertake a compilation of typing services for you.  You could start with an Audio transcription, then make some amends on the document and then return it to us in the form of copy typing or send it to us in a trickle and we will compile the documentation to ensure it looks stunning and professional. If you need your documents printed and returned in a hurry, we can even arrange for a courier.


What could you record that needs our typing services?

There are many instances when a written report will be required after the initial discussion, here are a few:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Speeches

For more information on our typing services, please take a look here or contact Julie or Tina on 01367 246003.