Twitter for Business – does it work?

Posted on: 7 Oct, 2016

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Twitter for Business – does it work?
Twitter for Business

Twitter for business – does it work? well, I have had a twitter account for some time now, and to be honest, I go through stages where I love it and can spend hours looking at posts and updates. Indeed, this is how I became a Virtual International Speaker on Networking. There are times however when I just want to hit my head against a brick wall. There is some much information on twitter it can be difficult to figure out which information is valuable, which is a waste of time and which is pure dribble.

Twitter for Business - does it work?

Twitter for Business, does it really work, myPA virtual services has an opinion for small businesses and home businesses.

I know when some people use twitter for business and when they send out tweets they worry about them, especially if they are a small business. After all, they are potentially selling a product or service, tell the customer about their business, trying to portray their business as professional, friendly and approachable – Try getting that in 140 characters, excluding hashtags!! Then, of course, everyone wants their tweets to be liked and hope that they get added to a list, that they are forwarded and if at all possible get a customer or sale from them.


So why am I ranting? Well, I have spent the last hour reading my twitter wall and have come to the astonishing realisation that there are some people out there who send a tweet and think that we are mind readers. They assume that we know what they are talking about and know how to contact them and how to action the information they have given us from their tweet. A prime example is this tweet:


Continuous Professional development is important.


There were a few hashtags after the statement that filled the 140 characters.  However, there are no giveaway.  No advice on what to do with that tweet or information on what CPD is (for those who don’t know). What do I think after reading this tweet? And…


Twitter for Business – three important points on sending tips as tweets.

  1. Make sure the tip can stand on its own two legs. For example, don’t sayRed Apples are poisonous if you eat them.
    Red Apples are poisonous don’t eat them.
  2. If you are selling a product put a link to a page on your website or sales page where the person can purchase. Don’t make it hard for the customer to find the product.
  3. Think about the tip, do you understand it, would someone who’s second language is English understand it.

These are vital questions, so please, when you are giving tweet tips, think first.  What are you saying? What do you want the person to do with the information?  Plan your campaign and then tweet. Don’t become obsessive, but spend a few minutes thinking about your message.  You don’t want to make a gaffe and waste your 140 characters.