Post Address for the Armed Forces

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2016

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Post Address for the Armed Forces
Postal Address for the Armed Forces

Postal Address for the Armed Forces is an odd title for a service that a Virtual PA could offer. Nevertheless, myPA Virtual Services are located next to the Armed Forces University, otherwise know as the Shrivenham Defense Academy so it seems appropriate. In addition, my father served in the British Army so my formative years were spent on various army bases, so I have s soft spot for the Armed Services. At a recent dinner party, I sat next to a Doctor who was still serving in the British Army, and he kindly told me that I was, and still am, an Army Brat. Apparently its the way Army children talk and think!!!


My father had to spend a lot of time away from his family and still have to run a household and managed his affairs in the UK which could be difficult. It is for this reason that I set up the Postal Address for Armed Forces when they have been stationed overseas or are on tour, fighting for our country. myPA are Virtual PA and offer a preferential rates for all of the Armed Forces who need help while they are overseas. Our postal address service is just one of those services.


What do you mean Postal Address for the Armed Forces?

Well, we can receive all your post, open it and then scan it over to your email address or action the request in the letter and let you know that we have completed the task as requested. We are also in a position to send care packages to you where ever you may be. So that tin of Baked Beans that you miss so much could find its way to your station or post.


Postal Address for the Armed Forces

Cheese and Onion Crisps for the Armed Forces

The strangest request I have been asked to send was some Cheese and Onion crisps to someone who was in the British Foreign Office in Washington. It reminded me of the time, as a child, we had to send Aromat (although we had to substitute this for a Chicken Soup mix sometimes), Marmite and Hot Chocolate to Mallorca as my Grandparents had retired there. At the time, British home comforts were not available.

We can purchase gifts on your behalf and send them to your partner, son or daughter or member of your family for birthday’s, anniversaries or other occasion you may think of. To find out more, please contact us or take a look here.