It’s not me, it’s the iPad and my Phone

Posted on: 20 Aug, 2020

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It’s not me, it’s the iPad and my Phone
It's not me the password changed

I have to open this post by stating that I love my Mum very much, but occasionally she exasperates me.  I have spent the last 40 minutes helping her with her emails.  Three days ago, they stopped showing up on her phone, iPad and computer.  We went through all the normal settings and they were all fine.

But I saved my password once, shouldn’t it be automatically?

I was about to tell her she needed to seek an expert, when she casually remarked that she would leave her provider as she wasn’t happy with the services.  I asked why.  She calmly stated that she changed her password three days ago and has had nothing but issues ever since.

“Where did you change the password,” I carefully inquired.

“On 1and1” she replied.

“Did you change the password on your computer, iPad and Phone?” I asked.

“No, I thought it was athematic,” she replied.

The only analogy I could come up with, was that changing the cotton on her sewing machine and expecting the bobbin to have changed colour as well. At which point she burst out laughing seeing the funny side!  Mothers who would have them and technology.