2017 – Here I come, with my Virtual Assistant!

Posted on: 13 Jan, 2017

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I want my book publised.

I need help with Microsoft, How do IDo you have a manuscript that you would like turned into a book.  If so, you should contact us to find out how.

2017 – Here I come, with my Virtual Assistant!

Employ a Virtual Assistant for Business Growth

Are you ready for this? The time has come to review all the successes and disappointments for the last year! (Hopefully more successes than disappointments). Has your business grown so much, that you now need an extra pair of hands for those odd jobs? You know the ones, the ones you hate or don’t have time for, or you just don’t want to do! Is It time to assess where you fell and where a Virtual Assistant could help?

Julie and Tina, Virtual PA and Virtual Assistant running the 5k for Cancer Research

myPA Virtual Services could provide your business with all the administration support you require. This could leave you to concentrate on your business. Imagine being able to expand your business safe in the knowledge that you have additional secretarial support. You have, a Virtual PA to back you up through the whole process. Also, myPA likes to consider itself part of your team and always promotes your business and not ours.


It could be something as simple as formatting a document, taking dictation or organising your social media. A virtual PA would work in a way that suits you, so you are only paying for exactly what you require. (result! win – win).


With a myPA virtual assistant as part of your business, you have a dynamic, professional, adaptable and proficient Personal Assistant (Virtual PA).  Furthermore, she will always provide the best service to you and your clients.


A myPA Virtual assistant can also take a headache out of your diary management, by arranging those appointments, meetings and functions. How good would that be? Just imagine your schedule being planned out for you, while you concentrate on your business. For more information on our services, take a look here.

Spend time on important issues and use a Virtual Assistant

Time spent in your business is important


Dependent on the size of your business, why not take a look at the other services myPA can provide. From a virtual office address and a virtual postal address, telephone answering service or meeting room requirements. All located within our friendly office environment in beautiful Oxfordshire.

How do you get a Virtual Assistant?

All you have to do; Is take a look at our website and decide if myPA can help your business grow in 2017. Just imagine the time you can save and the potential profit by allowing yourself that time to breathe and focus on your sales potential.


We look forward to speaking to you soon and cannot wait to join your business and help you reach your goals for 2017!