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What our clients think.

Thank you for sending me the completed formatting of my MS. I've read through both versions and like them both. The best one for me is the word version. It 's hard to explain, but it was refreshing to see my work now it has become tidy. The paragraphs line up, and it looks so much better. I noticed where I need to tweak a few things, but there are no major re-writes. That pleases me.


A thousand thanks



Typing Services

Typing has indeed taken the place of pen and paper since 1980. There are very few, in any offices that send out hand written letters, reports or memos. The keyboard has become a vital tool in the office environment. As a result, some skills have now presented themselves to help business men and women ensure they portray the correct image of their companies and their message is understood.

Transcription Services


What is an Audio Typing and what is an Audio Typist.

An audio typist is someone who types text from an audio device, which they listen to via specialist software and equipment. The narrative the Secretary will listen to should have recorded on Micro-cassette or Digital Recorder/Dictaphone or mobile phone.

An audio typist, usually a touch typist can type at high speed, which means they can look at a monitor or screen as they are typing.  They do not need to look at the keyboard. To listen to the narrative, an Audio Typist will use a specialist player called a micro cassette transcriber or a piece of software that can play back the audio.


We Speak faster than you Type

Yes, we talk at 180 words per minute, we write about 25 words per minute.  However, a typist can type at 40-80 words per minute.  An Audio Typist uses a foot pedal used to control the speed of the speech when playing it back via our audio typing software. The foot pedal can move the speech forward, rewind or stop the speech.

Copy Typing

Copy Typists are typically touch typists that have the ability to look at a piece of paper/document and reproduce the text on a computer screen.
The copy could be hand written notes from an author of a book, play or minutes from a meeting. The finished document can then be amended, edited and reproduced as required.


A copy typist will receive a handwritten manuscript or a typed manuscript with handwritten revisions.  Next, we will take that document and type or retype the narrative into a word document ready for you to send to a client, editor or business partner


What is Document Formatting

Once we have typed your document, we will need to format the document.  To begin with, we will make sure your document has the right margins, the right headers and footers, the proper paragraph structure and spacing between sentences.


Before printing the document will need to ensure the correct size of paper. Additionally, if the document is a letter, we will insert the address, date and the addressee.  Likewise, if the document is a report or any other type of material we will ensure that the printed document looks fantastic.


myPA Virtual Services offers a full range of typing services to suit all your business needs.


Typing Charges

  • Audio Typing £1.20 per Audio Minute
  • Copy Typing £25.00 per hour charged in 1/4 hour blocks
  • Document Formatting £18.50 per hour charged in 1/4 hour blocks
  • Rates for transcription of interviews can very depending on the number of people talking, complexity of language, clear audio, verbatim transcription
  • Turn around time.


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