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Our Team of Virtual PAs

myPA was founded in 2002 on a part time basis by Julie C Farmer.  In 2005 Julie decided that it was time to get serious with the business.  She had spent many years working with multi-national organisations and small businesses. Before setting up myPA Julie ran two fire consultancies and looked after over 65 staff.


The myPA team is able to offer a wealth of secretarial and administration services.  myPA is based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire and have now opened an office in Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset. We can, with hand on our hearts say that we can now offer a Virtual PA in Bournemouth and a Virtual PA in Poole as well as offering Virtual PA in Swindon and of course our birth place Faringdon.


Nevertheless we do have clients all over the United Kingdom. We even have a client in Washington DC, Japan and Australia.
myPA is dedicated to finding the perfect Virtual PA or Virtual Assistant to undertake any of your administration services or secretarial services.


myPA cover a varied cross section of industries and handle a wide range of job functions. Our focus is on helping your business grow by providing you with the perfect Virtual PA or Virtual Assistant. When your business grows and you want to employ your own PA or Secretary then we are on hand to help you choose the right person and we will even train them, after all we have been working with you and know your business and clients. This results in you having no ‘down time’.

Julie Farmer – Senior Partner


Julie started myPA in 2002 with a borrowed computer and mobile phone. She has a back round in administrative support and loves paperwork (I know, we have told her not to tell people that, but she bought the anorak and wears it with pride).

Julie C Farmer Author and trainer
DSC01808 - Copy

Tina Law – Office Manager

Tina takes care of us all and our clients. You need anything done, then she’s your girl. She’s even been known to change a loo seat. When she is not at her desk she is running marathons!!!
Julie ‘I know, I have a car I could drive her…’


Angela Finn – Business Partner

Angela the other partner of myPA Virtual Services. She is a stickler for procedure and documentation. If there is a procedure there, then its there for a reason and should be followed.

Carole Arnold – Management Accounts AAT

Carole is a certified AAT Management Accountant.  Carole is a detailed person who always dots the I and crosses the T.  If your books are in a mess, give her a few weeks and you will be getting a full set of Management Accounts to help your business grow, invest and become the enterprise you envisage

Tilly being beautiful

Tilly – Company Mascot

Although Tilly would love to be a Virtual PA or Administrative Assistant she finds it difficult to type, plan and organise.  However, she brings her own unique talents to myPA and we love her.  She will meet all visitors and you may even get a kiss.  Well, she is just a tart…

Here we are – warts and all!

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