Virtual Assistant Training Course


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Virtual Assistant Training Course

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a big decision.  It means that you will be self-employed and responsible for running a business and providing the service you specialise in. Your responsibilities will mean that you must go out and find clients, keep them happy, collect money from them while being confident, upbeat, and full of enthusiasm.  It is one of the best jobs you will ever have.  The Virtual Assistant Training Course will ensure you start your business strong, have the best tips, advice and keep you focused.

This Virtual Assistant Training Course will help you set up your Virtual Assistant business and ensure you have the best tools available to you.  I have been a Virtual Assistant since 2002.  All my knowledge, experience and recommendations have been included in this course.  Setting up my business, I have made mistakes and also made profitable decisions and had a fantastic time.  I want to ensure you have the best tool kit to ensure your business is a success.

The Virtual Assistant Training Course has been divided into five sections.

  1.  About You – What are your skills, and where can you niche your market?
  2. Sales and Marketing – Sales and Marketing will include Networking, marketing tips, and encouragement for you to be the best you can be.
  3. Finance – This is the most crucial aspect of any business; you need to know, understand and ensure the money you have works for you.
  4. Running Your Business – Running your business and what you should do and not forgetting your most important client – YOU
  5. The Services You Can Offer – A selection of services you can offer that you may not have thought about.

This course will take you about 30 hours to complete.  There is a lot of reading, planning and research.  I would love to tell you that all you need to do is this course, and you are going to be a full-fledged Virtual Assistant with a successful Virtual Assistant Business.  To be a successful virtual assistant takes time. It takes perseverance, resilience and courage.  However, it will be the best job you ever do.  You work with clients whose businesses are expanding, and they are excited about the journey they are on.  You work with clients who have a passion, and their business is their life.  It is infectious, and most of your clients want you to succeed (from my experience).


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