A Confident Woman At Work – Download


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A Confident Woman At Work – Download

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How to be more confident at work and how to build confidence and self-esteem are two of the toughest questions anyone can ask.  If you believe people are born with confidence and it is something you will never achieve then this book is for you. It is not wrong to stand up for yourself at work, and for the issues in which you believe.  It’s not rude to stand up for yourself either.  So, if you have ever asked yourself, Why do people lack confidence or how do you fix low self-esteem and confidence then this book is for you.

There is a fine line between being seen as confident and being seen as aggressive. The qualities are sometimes confused, primarily by those in charge who fear a strong woman. Alternatively, some women work in offices day in day out and feel that they have no voice and the decisions making process ignores their viewpoint.

I have been running training courses in confidence for over eight years.  I can’t teach everyone, so I decided to write this book to help women discover their inner confidence and become more assertive in the workplace. In this book, we evaluate your current role in the workplace. We discover if you are assertive or perceived as aggressive. What is the difference and why would an employer use the term aggressive when describing a woman but not a man .With self-confidence tips, this book will help you in the workplace and will demonstrate your assertive nature without being seen as a threat or aggressive.


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