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Typing Services

One of the advantages of using a Virtual PA is that they often have the ability to type a lot faster than many other office workers.  As a Virtual PA, who are based in the UK and therefore can offer telephone support, we can provide typing services that will provide a professional and affordable option for your business.  We specialise in digital dictation and transcription that will ultimately say you time and money, however we are also able to offer copy typing services (many of our authors use this service).


As we have selected Typing Services as our service of the month we are pleased to announce that we can offer this service for only £1.20 per digital minute (one person speaking).  Naturally we will offer a reduced fee for regular typing services.


What do I need to do?

All you need to do is select a digital recorder, record your narrative and email it to us.  We will then transcribe it and return it in a formatted document.


To find out how myPA Virtual Services could help you or how to employ a Virtual Assistant to help you with your secretarial and administrative tasks contact Julie at myPA Virtual Services on 01367 246003.


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